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“I learned more about tracking and treating complex trauma from a relational perspective in consultation with Margie than I have in any other supervisory relationship.  Her strong capacity for containment coupled with her compassion in our relationship clearly translated into my clinical work and relationships with my own clients.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clinical training, consultation, or therapy, particularly in regards to trauma work.”  

--Michelle Jurkiewicz, MFT


My years of experience working with clients who are dealing with trauma of all kinds has prepared me to train and teach psychotherapists who are seasoned or are new to the field. I am trained as a Clinical Social Worker, which gives me a solid and unique perspective on understanding people within their life circumstances, and I work as a relational psychodynamic psychotherapist in my practice. I am excited about what I have learned, through deep and lengthy clinical relationships, through the mistakes I have made, and through the supervision, consultation and teaching I have done in over 35 years of practice.  I  am delighted to share my expertise in forming and working within relationships, with sociocultural realities and with trauma.


Supervision of post-graduate interns in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy, work with trauma, social justice and multicultural issues

Consultation for clinicians about general clinical practice issues in relational psychotherapy and  about working with trauma of all types, as well as deepening awareness of issues of social justice and multiculturalism.

Teaching  For 16 years I've taught a class I designed, entitled "Trauma in the Transference", addressing diagnostics and treatment of trauma, conceptualizing sociocultural trauma, historical/ political issues elucidating formation of borderline diagnosis.


Margie Cohen, LCSW

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