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What do you want that feels out of reach?

What keeps you from living the life you want, being the artist you could be, or having the relationship you envision? What prevents you from just feeling confident and happy?

Often, what blocks us from having the life we want results from traumatic childhood experiences, even from historical trauma that began generations before we were born.

People can and do move beyond living traumatically, with education and the development of new skills.  Trauma is accessible, can be understood and life reclaimed. You needn't just try to cope, never really choose to take advantage of what life has to offer, or persist in feeling to blame for  things that are not your fault. By knowing what has impacted your life and your family over the generations you can feel empowered to move forward with better self-awareness and confidence.

I'm excited to work together to understand what's getting in your way, what you really want, and open the space you need to pursue your dreams!


"Margie is the kind of therapist who gets you on such a deep level, and makes you feel safe and nurtured as she introduces you to yourself. Then she helps you heal at the root of things, where she meets you. I would recommend her to anyone who feels blocked and wants to have more joy, creativity and aliveness in their lives."

Cynthia Lubow, MFT

EMDR and Relational Psychotherapist and Author, Ending the Blues: A Psychotherapist's Secrets to Living Depression-Free.


Margie Cohen, LCSW



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